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Darkness in Light- Ch.25
Chapter 25: Present Lives
   "Come on, Syrus! We're late!" I called. We were supposed to be going to Moltres and Zapdos' egg's hatching day, and the hatching was due. I was anxious to go, and Syrus was having a heck of a time finding something to give. Finally, he called from our cave and rushed out, and the two of us spiraled to the surface, erupting from it in our whirlpools.
   "Hey look! It's Aurora and Syrus!" We burst through the water and I saw Latios and Latias flying to us. We flew circles around each other in sheer joy before flying around Fire Island. I looked at the shoreline and saw Suicune speaking with Kyogre. They were lazily resting in the water, that is until Mew splashed next to them. I looked up to see Celebi, Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie laughing as they flitted around a rainbow that Ho-oh was making as she flew. Ho-oh flew by Rayquaza, who came in with Raikou and Shaymin on his back. They landed on the rim of the volcano, and they all wen
:icontwilight-spirit-wolf:Twilight-Spirit-Wolf 4 132
Darkness in Light- Ch.24
Chapter 24: Revivial of the World
   Rayquaza and Latios took flight to go where they were needed, and Ho-oh dissappeared into the skies. Syrus, Zapdos, Moltres, and I all sat there, looking at the ruins of Mt. Coronet.
   "How are we going to fix this?" Syrus asked. I looked around. The only ones who would be able to fix these ruins would be the ones the shrine is for, Dialga and Palkia.
   "How can we get Dialga and Palkia here?" Moltres asked when I presented the idea. "They live in an alternate dimension."
   I looked around. I remember my father once told me something about the shrine. There was a way to get the two legendaries here, and it was somewhere in the shrine. I began looking around, and I wasn't even sure what it was. I moved rocks and tree trunks, and the other three did the same. Our efforts paid off when I found a small stone. The stone was a pearl, but was coated in a clear diamond.
   "This i
:icontwilight-spirit-wolf:Twilight-Spirit-Wolf 3 5
Darkness in Light- Ch.23
Chapter 23: A Final Goodbye
   I looked up at Arceus with waterlogged eyes as he walked past me to Syrus' body. He stood there, looking at me.
   "What do you mean? What choice are you talking about?"
   Arceus bent down to Syrus and surveyed the damage. After looking over him thouroughly, he looked up at me.
   "I am the God of Pokemon, am I not?" Arceus explained. I looked at him, still lost in thought, as he bent to Syrus' head and seemed to nudge the body with his own head. As he did so, Arceus' body glowed, and the glow spread to Syrus. I watched, intrigued, at what was happening. Was this some burial tradition that would insure Syrus a place in the Hall of Origin? I began crying as I watched the burial.
   But then I looked on and my eyes widened. Syrus' tail twitched. His lifeless body seemed to gain color. The bruises and cuts all faded and healed, and his feathers were cleaned and shone silver. I held m
:icontwilight-spirit-wolf:Twilight-Spirit-Wolf 3 4
Darkness in Light- Ch.22
Chapter 22: Forgiven
   "A-Arceus..." I stammered. No one had ever seen the God Pokemon, not even a legendary. And now, here I was, being spoken to by Arceus, even after the destruction I had caused.
   "No need to be alarmed, Aurora," Arceus spoke. "You have gone through much." His voice was full of sorrow.
   "You are speaking to me, though...I don't deserve this." I looked away. But as I looked the other direction, Arceus still stood in front of me.
   "You deserve much more than my speaking to you, Aurora. You deserve forgiveness, which is what I am giving to you." I looked into his face and I could see the forgiveness already. I teared up again and threw myself at Arceus, bawling my eyes out. He allowed me to hug him as I mourned the losses.
   "I'm the reason they're dead though! I can't be forgiven for that."
   "You are already forgiven, for it wasn't your fault." When Arceus said this, I
:icontwilight-spirit-wolf:Twilight-Spirit-Wolf 4 5
Darkness in Light- Ch.21
Chapter 21: The Judgement of Darkness
   When I opened my eyes, I was hovering in a dark space. In front of me was another figure. A lugia. Only, this lugia was dark colored and had evil, red eyes. It grinned maniacally at me, and I felt a cold shiver run down my spine. I looked to see my siver wings beginning to turn dark as well. I remembered now. I had become dark before, and I had caused much destruction. I shut my eyes at the pain, but realized that this wasn't going to stop it.
   "No," I told the monster. "I will not become you again."
   The monster smiled. "That's right, you wont. You are me." I looked up at it, and it was smiling, its fangs visible. I smiled as well.
   "I am not you!" I shouted, and a burst of light filled the void. I was now surrounded by white, pure light, and in front of me was a small dark orb that seemed to scream as it dissolved in the light and into nothingness. I was free...
:icontwilight-spirit-wolf:Twilight-Spirit-Wolf 3 6
Darkness in Light- Ch.20
Chapter 20: A Chaotic Assault
   Shadow Lugia glared at Syrus and Moltres with blazing eyes. Moltres was crying now for both Aurora and Zapdos, and she was unsure if she would be able to fulfill Zapdos' dying wish. Syrus was holding back a growl at what had just happened. Shadow Lugia stared at them with anger, and Moltres returned the look. Syrus displayed more regret and disbelief. Just as Moltres was about to fly in for the attack, however, Shadow Lugia turned the tables.
   She turned her back on them. Shadow Lugia faced Dark Arceus and ignored the other two completely. Growls and snarls came from both the evil pokemon as the wind all around gained power. Boulders and trees that happened to get caught were swept up and dashed into bits and pieces.
   "Syrus! Help me!" Moltres cried. She dove down to the lifeless body of Zapdos and dragged it to the cave of Mt. Coronet. Syrus helped move a boulder in the way so that they could keep it saf
:icontwilight-spirit-wolf:Twilight-Spirit-Wolf 3 5
Darkness in Light- Ch. 19
Chapter 19: On the Stairway to Heaven
   Syrus, Moltres, Zapdos, and Mesprit all shot across the land of Sinnoh, not worried about the numerous people that watched them. All that mattered was the darkness over Mt. Coronet. As they neared the mountain range, Mesprit flew up to Syrus and shouted at him.
   "That staircase you see leads to Arceus, the God of Pokemon!" She cried over the noise of the wind rushing by. "We need to get there fast!"
   Zapdos and Moltres picked up as much speed they could by gaining altitude, then diving down again. Syrus used his psychic powers to split the air in front of him so he broke the sound barrier he went so fast.
   Pokemon that happened to be flying in their way either dove into the rocks beneath them or were swept into the dragwind. But no one stopped to see if they were ok, for this was a matter of life or death.
   "Look there!" Moltres called, and all four came to a scre
:icontwilight-spirit-wolf:Twilight-Spirit-Wolf 3 3


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